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The Story of Henry Stonham

Henry Stonham
25 July
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This is a livejournal for a fictional character I roleplay as and write fiction for. I will denote character and out of character posts accordingly. I write a lot of crossover fics under the fanfiction.net username of Theodore Hawkwood. Nothing about Henry Stonham has been posted, yet.

A/N: This character sketch will fill out as more about Henry Stonham develops
General Information
Name: Henry Charles Stonham
Nicknames: None known
Date of birth: July 15th, 1977

IQ: Intelligent. Henry is very proficient in many areas pertaining to search and rescue, combat search and rescue, and clandestine operations.
Phobias/Fears: Henry hates stormy weather of any variety (a storm at sea killed his fiancee while she was on a yacht with several friends)
Religious Beliefs: His mother was a devout Catholic, his father became more religious as he grew older, and Henry attended a Catholic school. What he has seen in the clandestine services and the loss of his fiancee has left him questioning God and his plans for the world.
Intolerances/Annoyances: Injustice, failure (especially failures of his own), criminals, bad or incompetent authority figures
Quirks/Habits: He has a caffeine addiction, and does have somewhat of a temper issue

Parents: Manfred and Sarah Stonham
Siblings: 3 (2 brothers, Michael - 26, David - 21 and 1 sister - Danielle - 26). Brother-in-Law: Brian Douglas
Spouse/Serious Lover: Angela Kearny (deceased)
Children: None.
Family History: Henry was born the oldest of four children. His father was a former Green Beret in Vietnam. While Master Sergeant Manfred Stonham was on an exchange tour with the British SAS in the United Kingdom in 1975 he met Sarah Hallam, a spirited young Englishwoman. After a whirlwind courtship the couple was married in 1976. Their son Henry was born a year later in the United Kingdom. When Henry was four Manfred retired from the US Army after twenty-six years of service and the family moved to the United States, settling first in Boston, MA and later Daytona Beach, FL. After Henry turned five Sarah was pregnant again this time with twins: Michael and Danielle. Five years later his youngest brother David was born.

Sarah finished her degree shortly after moving to the United States and became a professor of women's studies at Stetson University. Manfred Stonham would later start a small fishing guide operation in Daytona Beach, FL.

Henry always has considered his father to be his closest male influence. Of his siblings he was the one closest to his father and it was by his example that Henry would go to college under the US Air Force's Reserve Officer Training Corps program. First he served as a Security Forces officer in the US Air Force before becoming a Combat Rescue Officer in 2002.

His relationship with his mother is similar though not as close as the one he has with his father for obvious reasons. Sarah has often been the calming influence for Henry, especially during his adolescence and early adulthood.

Present Background
Occupation: Search and Rescue Operative for ACME (also works with Clandestine Services) and is an officer of the California Air National Guard
Activities: Rugby, swimming, surfing, reading philosophy, literature and history.
Home: An apartment building within San Francisco's city limits. He lives in the same building as his Uncle Mark who is the landlord.
Personal History: Henry Stonham attended the University of Central Florida and was a member of the US Air Force ROTC detachment. His original goal was to be a pilot. Unfortunately due to eyesight issues he was unable to do so. He was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the United States Air Force in the year 1999 as a Security Forces officer. He was assigned to a Security Squadron at Patrick AFB in Florida. He heard of the United States Air Force's new Combat Rescue Officer program in late 2000 and applied for a slot. He was eventually accepted into the program in late 2001 and after braving the pipeline was finally badged as a Combat Rescue Officer in 2002. In 2004 Henry transferred from the Active Duty Air Force to the California Air National Guard. He was at a crossroad at the time, wanting to marry and start a family yet also wanting to stay a Combat Rescue Officer.

While at the University of Central Florida he grew closer to an old high school friend, Angela Kearney. The two officially became a couple in December of 1997 and dated for several years. During his first two years in the Air Force Henry broke every speed limit in Florida on weekends on lengthy commutes. In 2004 Henry took the plunge and proposed to his college sweetheart. Angela said yes and the couple was planning their wedding when Henry received orders to deploy to Afghanistan for eight months. Henry had no idea that the afternoon of March 15, 2004 at Moffet Federal Airfield would be the last time he would see Angela alive.

On the afternoon of 4 November 2004 Angela went out with several friends on the yacht of a mutual friend: Jean Tahne. The boat had engine difficulties approximately forty miles off the coast of Daytona Beach and wound up adrift in the Gulf Stream when it was caught in a hurricane. The boat capsized and the survivors clung to the hull. Angela disappered sometime in the night.

Henry had only arrived in Florida twenty-four hours later when he heard the news. He immediately joined the rescue effort to find the boat. After two days of searching four of the seven people on the boat, to include Jean Tahne, were recovered alive. Then it became a body search. And it was after seven days that the crew of another helicopter lifted Angela Kearney's body from the sea.

He still retains a grudge against Jean Tahne who he accuses of killing his fiancee.

Henry was recruited into the ACME Detective Agency as a Search and Rescue operative in December 2004. A year later he was recruited into it's Clandestine Ops department while retaining his Search and Rescue position.

Height: 5'8"
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Dress Style: Most of his clothing is of the outdoorsman variety (hiking boots, jeans, collared shirts).
Manner of Speech: He speaks his English with an ecceletic mix. He will sound like a New Englander (complete with Boston accent) when he's riled up or excited. His normal speech patterns have been compared to the singer Gordon Lightfoot though Henry maintains he's tone deaf.

Marital Status: Single
Sexual Preference: Straight
Past Relationships: His fiancee Angela perished in an accident at sea.
Present Relationships: None.

Note: Wikipedia entry for ACME Detective Agency: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_Carmen_Sandiego_characters